Welcome newcomer or return customer!

This is a custom printed spandex shop.

The whole idea behind this shop is colour (well that reason and the custom work). I love colours, remember not everyone or everything sees colours, so it’s a gift! Show your colours!

I’m giving you a choice, what do you want on your spandex/clothing? Cute and cuddly? Ferocious? Mystical? Funny? A special photo? Let me know! The amount of items in this shop are determined and influenced by you. What do you want to see here?

You can request small changes to premade items or whole new designs! Just use the contact form and tell me what you’d like done. I can use a blend of photos, photo editing, 3D models and 2D digital painting to create a personalized spandex outfit, shirts and more. More ideas are being made, great work takes time. Don’t see anything you like? Bookmark us and check back later or make a request. I plan to release new designs weekly.

Browse my shop to see samples what I have done already:  Click here to Shop!


-My clothing does not come with any logos on the outside, I have my logo on the inside only. My brand is not part of my designs, it’s up to you to sell it and keep this service alive. Tell someone about your experience here, share the page URL of your favorite designs!

-The design you see on the screen is what you will receive when you pay! If you want a custom design, you have to request it. I’ll determine if it’s free or not (price is determined by the customization, amount of work and if I can resell the idea) and ask for a down payment, if needed.  Then I have to make it and send you a link to preview. If you like what you see, then you pay for the clothing.

Halloween is right around the corner! Check out the Halloween styles here! (Many places have until the 5th of October to order for Halloween delivery)

Christmas designs are in the works too: Christmas